Lesson #3: Band of Horses – The Funeral

Photo: yayimages.com
Photo: yayimages.com

The Funeral on Band of Horses’ debut album Everything All the Time was released in 2006 and was named the 67th-greatest song of the 2000s by Pitchfork in 2009.

The song is divided into three parts: intro, verses and bridge.

The 1st bar in the intro is in time signature 4/4 with a melody that starts with Ab on the 11th fret and repeats with Eb on the 6th fret. In the 2nd bar the time signature changes to 6/4 where the melody is played as Bb on the 1st fret and then repeated twice in Cm on the 3rd fret.

The strumming chords in the verses are Ab, Eb, Bb and Cm as in the intro, but the time signatures are switched to 6/4 in the 1st bar and then 4/4 in the 2nd bar. The second time the verses is repeated, the melody is played in the 2nd bar on the 5th string.

In the bridge the time signature is 6/4 and the chords are Bb, Eb and Ab.

TAB: The Funeral

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