Travel #3: MIT, Cambridge and Boston

Arrived Boston South Station from Penn Station by train.

Took the subway from BOS to Kendall/MIT.

Found the hotel and left my luggage.

Went to the MIT campus and went on the self-guided walking tour of the MIT campus.


Went to the MIT museum. Met a Canadian woman who didn’t study at MIT. Had a nice conversation.

Went back to the hotel and checked in.

Ate at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Visited SIPB. Went to eat dinner at Meadhall with some of the SIPB members. Nice selection of beer and food on the menu.

Tried the earl grey flavored ice cream at the campus dairy.

Then had a nice conversation and said goodbye to the SIPB members and went back to the hotel.

The next day I went to a quantum computing group talk at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in MIT Building 7.

Had lunch at Flour, Too.

Went over the Harvard Bridge and saw Berklee College of Music, the John Hancock Tower and a historical building near Boston Commons.



Went back to Cambridge.

Visited the book store The Coop and got three books by Richard Feynman, Scott Aaronson and Seth Lloyd.

Went back to visit SIPB.

Went to dinner at The Friendly Sandwich with SIPB members.

Said goodbye to the SIPB members. Brought a doggy bag with a delicious sandwich to the hotel. Went to sleep.

Went back to NYC by train. Flew home to OSL from JFK.