Travel #2: New York City and Manhattan

I took a taxi to the hotel from JFK with a cab driver from Long Island.

The cab driver was nice and introduced me to NYC on the trip from the airport.

Quickly I noticed that I had no data coverage on AT&T.

I walked from 212 East 42nd Street down to 5th Avenue and saw The New York Public Library and went to the Empire State Building 86th floor observatory. Nice view.


I could see the Chrysler Building from the hotel room.

I tried to sleep after the flight (7 hours and 20 minutes).

Uninstalled Android apps that used lots of data over 3G/4G and chose sync via WiFi only and set a MB limit on my Nexus 5 phone. Then I tested roaming on AT&T, but no coverage with my SIM card from a Norwegian operator.

Didn’t notice any jet lag after the trip from OSL to JFK in Dreamliner.

Got up and ate breakfast. Happy after breakfast. Still no sleep.

Went to the United Nations Headquarter that was 5 minutes away from the hotel. Guided tour can be ordered on according to the port guard. A queue of people was leaving and arriving UN.


A guy was shouting across the other side of the UN, but I didn’t understand his language.

After lunch I went to the Grand Central Station and photographed the clock.


Dave, the drummer of Fancy Color, told me about a free concert with Nicole Atkins in Madison Square Park 7pm.


I went to the Rose Center for Earth & Space museum and saw a fulldome movie and tried to find a replica of the Mars rover. Nobody could tell me where it was, but I found it on the web afterwards.

I went to dinner at Palm Too, 840 Second Avenue. They had no formal dress code (as in United Nation), casual, so I wore a t-shirt from AMNH and ate, before I went to the concert in Madison Square Park. Perfect close of NYC.


I had no AT&T data coverage on the phone, either due to my SIM card or general 4G network problems in NYC. Gmail caches the emails on Android. Kind of a nice feature!