Aamot Software (2022-)

I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Senior Software Engineer at Aamot Software!

Aamot Software (2022)

While I will continue to work on gnomeradio.orggingerblue.org, and gnomevoice.org, I will focus to complete my thesis Public Voice Communication (Draft, 121 pages, December 2022) about the software Voice (gnome-voice) at NTNU before June 15th, 2025 as well as finish the Piperpal Geolocation Search, a Location-based Web Search Engine (Working Draft, 124 pages, December 2022) presented in 2015 to R&D Director Peter Norvig at Alphabet, Inc., on evening class in Machine Learning at UC Berkeley, Google Visitor’s Center in Mountain View and visiting Stanford University at Palo Alto in California, U.S.A.






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