Category: Workout

  • Workout #4: Walking

    I enjoy walking to and from work as exercise. I just don’t have time for the gym or lifting weights.

  • Workout #3: Stationary bike

    Photo: Yesterday I attended the 55 minutes long cycling class after work. Tips: Raise the handlebars and adjust the height of the bike seat before the lesson and the resistance of the cycling wheel appropriately during the lesson. Don’t forget to bring a small towel (because you are going to sweat after 20-30 minutes) […]

  • Workout #2: Rowing machine

    Photo: The next exercise I do at the gym is to use the rowing machine. I did another test where I should row as fast as I could for 500 meters. Quite happy with the result, but hopefully I can do it much faster in a few weeks.

  • Workout #1: Treadmill

    Photo: I have just begun to eat healthier and to exercise regularily at my local fitness center. I will document my progress in a series of posts. I usually wake up at 05:30am, read until 06:15am, get in the shower for 15 minutes and eat for another 15 minutes. Then I go to the […]