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  • Mathematics #10: ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text-based inputs, allowing it to converse with users on a variety of topics. Here’s an example of how you could use the OpenAI API to generate a response from ChatGPT in C: #include <curl/curl.h> #include <json-c/json.h> int […]

  • Mathematics #9: Public Voice Communication 1.2.0 (2022)

    GNOME Voice is Free Public Voice Communication Software for GTK+/GNOME with Free Public Voice broadcasts via The Voice 1.2.0 stable release is available from To install gnome-voice, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts sudo port install gnome-voice gnome-voice

  • Mathematics #8: Sound Recording

    In 2022 I published a Bachelor degree for an open source audio recording software project that immediately worked for 22 months on MacPorts and documented 22 weeks with the title Public Audio Recording Software for Recording World Sounds in writing for the degree Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Technology at the Department of Physics, […]

  • Mathematics #7: GNOME’s Radio

    8 years before GNOME 43 occured I began writing GNOME Internet Radio Locator for GNOME 2 between 2014-2017 and 5 more years GNOME 3, after Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) shut down its FM broadcasts. In 2022 we are going to build GNOME 43 support for further international as well as Norwegian radio stations with help […]

  • Mathematics #6: Piperpal’s Location Search

    It’s been a while since the last update. The software programming scripts (Python) and modules (Perl 5) for my implementation of Location Search for World Wide Web is described in,2026.pdf ready for 2026 and implemented on

  • Mathematics #5: Practical Machine learning with R

    I was in the US for 3 weeks on the Visa Waiver program in 2015 and stayed at a friendly AirBnB host in Berkeley nearby the UC Berkeley campus. While I was in Berkeley I decided to check out the course offerings at the UC Berkeley Extension student program and found the class COMPSCI X460 […]

  • Mathematics #4: Google’s PageRank

    I am reading the linear algebra book “Google’s PageRank and Beyond – The Science of Search Engine Rankings” by Amy N. Langville & Carl D. Meyer on the math behind Google’s search engine. In Chapter 4 the PageRank equation is presented. $\pi^T = \pi^T ( \alpha S + ( 1 – \alpha ) E )$ […]

  • Mathematics #3: Publishing

    If you intend to publish Mathematics, you can either submit the article to a peer-reviewed journal such as Bulletin of the AMS or arXiv, or self-publish. If you plan to publish on your own, I recommend getting a book on TeX and install a TeX distribution on a free operating system such as Debian GNU/Linux, […]

  • Mathematics #2: The Social Rules

    The Social Rules theorem is an extension of The Social Theorem, published in “Social Graphs in Mathematics” (2009) available from Whenever a person meets another person, a vertice on the social graph, they will either ignore each other, talk to each other, occassionally talk to a new person, or be introduced to a person […]

  • Mathematics #1: The Social Theorem

    Yesterday I wrote my first letter to John Nash. The Social Theorem (from my article “Social Graphs in Mathematics“, on Paul Erdős, John Nash, and Bertrand Russell, not surprisingly rejected by Notices of the American Mathematical Society in 2009 because it didn’t end with a conclusion, and then printed on my own cost and distributed) […]