Anna Politkovskaja: Putin’s Russia

Putin’s Communist/One-Man State

Karsten Alnæs: Norwegian Kings

The Norwegian Monarchy from Harald Hårfagre to Harald V.

Tomm Kristiansen: Africa

NRK’s Africa reporter Tomm Kristiansen on the First Human to the Free Africa.

Åsne Seierstad: The Afghans

The Lost Democracy in Afghanistan.

Timothy Snyder: Ukraine

Timothy Snyder’s book about the Russian war in Ukraine.


Timothy Snyder: Our Malady

Timothy Snyder’s book about the COVID-19 health situation.


Bill Bryson: A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson‘s best-selling popular science book of the 21st century – A Journey Through Space and Time.


Edward Snowden: Permanent Record

Edward Snowden‘s on his life as a whistle blower at NSA.


Timothy Snyder: The Road to Unfreedom

Timothy Snyder on USA, Russia and Europe.


Luke Harding: Collusion

The Guardian‘s Luke Harding wrote the new book Collusion with investigations of Trump and his Russian connections.

Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny

Yale University‘s Timothy Snyder wrote the new book On Tyranny.