Groove of Perfection.

  • Mathematics #6: Piperpal’s Location Search

    It’s been a while since the last update. The software programming scripts (Python) and modules (Perl 5) for my implementation of Location Search for World Wide Web is described in,2026.pdf ready for 2026 and implemented on

  • Travel #8: Manchester, United Kingdom

    On July 28th I fly from Oslo to Manchester to meet other Free Software developers from the GNOME Project at GUADEC 2017 in Manchester, and fly back to Oslo via Malaga on July 30th.

  • Mathematics #5: Practical Machine learning with R

    I was in the US for 3 weeks on the Visa Waiver program in 2015 and stayed at a friendly AirBnB host in Berkeley nearby the UC Berkeley campus. While I was in Berkeley I decided to check out the course offerings at the UC Berkeley Extension student program and found the class COMPSCI X460 […]

  • Review #6: Ubuntu on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

    Ubuntu Linux is certified by Canonical Ltd. to run on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. These instructions are for the old 3rd generation that I bought from Lenovo in 2015, but Ubuntu Linux 16.04 is also certified to run on the 5th generation, but I have not tested these instructions on the 5th generation of Lenovo […]

  • Music #6: Two Track Jam (Electric Guitar)

    I recorded this demo in July 2016. You can buy this on Bandcamp. Two Track Jam by Ole Aamot

  • Us against Trump

    Women-led marches took place on Saturday January 21st in Oslo and over 600 locations spread across seven continents-including Antarctica. In addition to Washington, massive protests took place in Boston; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; New York; Oakland; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul; San Francisco and Seattle. According to one count, as many as 4.6 million […]

  • Discussions regarding the Digital Svalbard Treaty (.sj / .bv)

    In 2014 Opera Software’s CTO Håkon Wium Lie suggested that the Norwegian .sj and .bv ccTLDs (country code top-level domain names) are made available as zones with better privacy and regulated by Norwegian laws. I have collected some web resources (in English and Norwegian) for discussions on the Digital Svalbard Treaty for the Norwegian .sj […]

  • Travel #7: Visiting Google in Mountain View, CA

    Android Marshmallow was announced at Google I/O on May 28, 2015, when it was released as the Android M developer preview. Several updates to the preview came out before Marshmallow was officially named on August 17, 2015. I visited Googleplex in Mountain View on August 27, 2015 and was able to connect to Google’s Wifi […]

  • Travel #6: San Francisco, Berkeley and Palo Alto

    My first visit to the U.S.A., New York City and M.I.T. in Boston resulted in new friends and inspired work on the Free Software package GNOME Internet Radio Locator. This summer I was in the U.S.A. again, this time California and visited the offices of Google in Mountain View and saw UC Berkeley, Stanford University […]

  • Travel #5: Sweden, Stockholm and Gothenburg

    In August 2015 I travelled via Stockholm to Gothenburg in Sweden and attended GUADEC at Folkets Hus in Gothenburg, where I met various contributors to GNOME and the Free Software movement. It is easier and less expensive to travel from Oslo to Gothenburg by train, but I wanted to go via Stockholm for a short […]

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